# Friday, August 2, 2002
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Stuart commented:

Btw, I'm just trying out your latest snapshot. I'll add further comments as I get further, but so far I had to make a couple of changes to let me build:

VS.NET treated "if (false)" on line 1732 of vm.cs as creating unreachable code. I changed it to "if (false.Equals(true))" so that it didn't treat it as a compiletime constant.

I'm used to using the if(false) construct, because that's the way to not get the compiler to complain in Java. Anyway, I just commented it out now, it's only there for debugging. So it will go away in the near future, I hope.

And the default compilation options disallowed unsafe code, so I had to change that in order for BigEndianBinaryReader.cs to compile.

Aren't you using my VS.NET project? That should include the proper switches for it to build, at least it builds on my machine ;-)

Okay, I've got it to the point of giving me an intelligent error at runtime, at least. Issues so far:

It doesn't (seem to) honor CLASSPATH, at least when run from a command prompt.

That is correct, for the time being it uses the IKVM_CLASSPATH environment variable. BTW, zips and jars are not supported (and won't be for a while, because I want to write the Zip/Jar class loader in Java. That isn't going to happen until after I've got the ahead-of-time compiler working).

Now the showstopper that I haven't been able to figure out how to get past. As far as I can see the download doesn't include *any* of the GNU Classpath libraries, which means that (as far as I can see) it can't run anything at all. I'm guessing that this is just a simple omission from the zip - is that right?

I don't include the classpath stuff to keep the zip small. I did earlier post a link to the compiled classpath classes that I use. I've created a new snapshot (many small changes) and also posted a zip containing the classpath classes plus a few of my own modifications (the source for those is in the classes directory in ikvm.zip).

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