# Tuesday, December 3, 2002
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I've been working on getting the SWT (the Eclipse windowing toolkit) examples to run. This mostly involved implementing a lot of JNI methods.

The examples now run, but they do run into the occasional random NullPointerException. Probably caused by a sneaky bug in the (un)managed C++ code.

Here is a statically compiled version ControlExample (including all the supporting DLLs needed).

Note that this will only run on Windows, because my JNI implementation is written in Managed C++ it will not run on Mono.

Some interesting findings:

  • SWT has a reference to the sun.awt.windows.WEmbeddedFrame class. What's that about?
  • In order to get the FileViewer example to run, I had to use the STAThread attribute on my main method. Boy I'm I glad I missed the whole COM thing (was busy doing Java). This just too lame.
  • Reflection.Emit does not support embedding resources in a module (lame!). I had to add resource support to ikvmc (and the VM) to get ControlExample to work, statically compiled, so I added initialized global public fields to the assembly and used System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeHelpers.InitializeArray to copy the field data to an array.
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