# Thursday, 10 April 2003
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More on value types

David Jeske commented on the previous entry

Can ValueType local variables be treated as ValueTypes instead of pointers to ValueTypes? If this were the case, then av[1] could be the pointer to the interior of the valuetype array, and av[1].foo = 42; would work correctly. This would also make the IL for using local ValueType variables most similar to how it would turn out if it had been C#.

The boxing/unboxing would only occur when coercing/converting from a local variable of a ValueType to a ReferenceType (i.e. Object foo = v; )

Remember that I'm working with a standard Java compiler. All the value type support is in the byte code to CIL compiler, because of this I wanted to stay as close to the Java semantics as possible, to prevent problems caused by Java compiler differences (there really isn't any guarantee that local variables in the source end up as local variables in the byte code). Also, the current design a lot easier to implement ;-)

Having said that, treating locals as value types still wouldn't allow av[1].foo = 42; to work. This would require the aaload instruction to return a pointer to the array element, in itself this isn't hard but the introduction of pointers would complicate the type system greatly.

Ultimately, the reason I added this (limited) value type support, is to enable me to write more "native" Java methods in Java. I haven't checked in these changes and I'm still not sure that doing so would be a good idea. Without Java compiler support it will always be a hack.

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