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IKVM 0.20 rc1

A new release candidate based on yesterday's GNU Classpath 0.18 release. Unless any showstoppers are found, these bits will become the official 0.20 release in a few days.

Update japi results are available here.


  • Integrated GNU Classpath 0.18
  • Fixed (previously unused) CountingILGenerator.BeginFaultBlock().
  • Added reusing temporary locals to compiler (to reduce file size).
  • Added optimization to compiler to remove recursive exception handlers that make synchronized block exit async safe (see http://weblog.ikvm.net/PermaLink.aspx?guid=3af9548e-4905-4557-8809-65a205ce2cd6).
  • Added optimization to compiler to turn synchronized block exit exception handlers into fault blocks.
  • Interned all member names and signatures (to save memory).
  • Interned type names.
  • Made some minor optimizations to class file parsing.
  • Stopped "normalizing" tableswitch instruction to lookupswitch (since the compiler treated them differently already).
  • Corrected "cannot throw" bytecode metadata flag for ifnonnull instruction.
  • Changed ByteCodeMetaData.CanThrowException() to take NormalizedByteCode.
  • Removed non-normalized bytecode from Instruction structure.
  • Added support for throwing NoClassDefFoundError when accessing a type that previously failed static initialization.
  • Changed ClassLoader.findLoadedClass to also find array classes made of classes that are already loaded (for compatibility with Sun JDK 1.4).
  • Changed ClassLoader <-> ClassLoaderWrapper association from hashtable to using the vmdata field in ClassLoader.
  • Rewrote large parts of class caching by the class loaders to be more spec compliant and more compatible with the Sun implementation for unspecified behavior.
  • Added class and baseclass name to VerifyError message when a class extends a final class.
  • Removed broken mechanism that tried to doom entire classes when a method was unverifiable, instead of throwing the VerifyError when the method is actually called.
  • Fixed bug that caused critical error when compiling a class that contains a package private method that overrides a protected method in a base class.
  • Added more info to some of the loader constraints violated exception messages.
  • Fixed ikvmc to continue compilation when encountering a class that cannot be loaded (due to inaccessible or final base classes).
  • Fixed various bugs in FileChannel.lock()/tryLock().
  • Fixed a verifier bug.
  • Added error message when a typename occurs in multiple referenced assemblies.
  • Fixed VMFile.mkdir NullPointerException when trying to create a root directory.
  • Added ClassFile.GetClassName() to be able to sniff class name from class definition without fully parsing the class definition.
  • Removed ability to parse java.lang.Object from ClassFile.
  • Removed OuterClass property from ClassFile.
  • Moved accidental Finish trigger detection from JavaTypeImpl.Finish to ClassLoaderWrapper.OnTypeResolve, to facilitate new "finish as we go" strategy used by ikvmc.
  • Fixed a couple of places in FieldWrappers where FieldInfo.FieldType was used (which isn't available anymore after we bash the contents of the FieldBuilders to save memory).
  • Enabled Reflection.Emit private field bashing hack to conserve memory for static compilation as well.
  • Introduced IKVM_DISABLE_TYPEBUILDER_HACK environment variable to disable the hack that bashes Reflection.Emit private fields to conserve memory.
  • Changed the way inner classes are resolved by ikvmc to facilitate new "finish as we go" strategy used by ikvmc.
  • Fixed subtle miranda method bug when dealing with loader constraint violations.
  • Fixed method generator to set MethodAttributes.NewSlot when a mangled method name is used to override a method.
  • Introduced JVM.FinishingForDebugSave to save memory, simplify code and fix a theoretical bug.
  • Moved bytecode error handling from compiler to verifier, so that the verifier can now accurately track what code is reachable (bytecode that gets compiled as an exception (e.g. NoSuchMethodError) typically results in unreachable code following that instruction). This change allows "broken" constructors to be compiled into verifiable CIL.
  • Moved array cloning hack (to workaround a bug javac) from compiler to verifier.
  • Fixed some unloadable type bugs.
  • Restructed verifier into two separate steps. The first step computes the stack and local variables types and the second step does the actual verification and reachability determination.
  • Changed jniproxy.dll (created with -Xsave) from module to assembly to make the main assembly verifiable.
  • Fixed stack walking to skip HideFromJava methods.
  • Fixed bug 1257044.
  • Moved Name and Signature to MemberWrapper.
  • Renamed MirandaMethodAttribute to HideFromReflectionAttribute.
  • Fixed ikvmc to only generate __Fields inner classes for public interfaces.
  • Added IKVM.Runtime.Util.GetFriendlyClassFromType() method. This is dumb name and subject to change.
  • Added (limited) support to remapper for adding methods to Java classes.
  • Added implicit conversion operator to java.lang.Class to convert from System.Type.
  • Optimized line number table encoding yet again.
  • Fixed bytecode compile to trigger class initializer for "new" bytecode and for accessing constant fields.
  • Changed class loading to reduce chance of inadvertantly hiding exceptions caused by bugs in the IKVM runtime.
  • Improved replacing of ClassNotFoundException with NoClassDefFoundError during class loading.
  • Made delegate helper interfaces private. This solves an incompatibility between ikvmc generated assemblies and C++/CLI, but ultimately this wasn't the reason for this change, the helper interfaces don't have type identity, so they shouldn't be used in public interfaces (preferably they should only be used in delegate instantiation).
  • Fixed class loading bugs that caused Class.forName("cli.java.lang.Object") and Class.forName("System.EventHandler$Method") to work.
  • Fixed ikvmc to no longer generate unused delegate helper interfaces.
  • Changed java.version system property to 1.4.2.
  • Fixed ikvmc to open input files as read-only.
  • Changed JNI methods GetPrimitiveArrayCritical/ReleasePrimitiveArrayCritical to allow up to two arrays to be pinned instead of copied.
  • Fixed compiler to mark all methods with MethodAttributes.HideBySig, to use correct method name resolution semantics when using an ikvmc generated assembly from C#.
  • Removed "ikvm.cleanstacktrace" system property and introduced IKVM_DISABLE_STACKTRACE_CLEANING environment variable to solve initialization order problem.

Files are available here: ikvm- (sources + binaries), ikvmbin- (binaries)

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