# Tuesday, September 5, 2006
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New Snapshot

A new snapshot with mainly bug fixes and code restructuring.


  • Updated to current GNU Classpath cvs version.
  • Fixed Class.forName() regression introduced in 0.28. Doing a Class.forName() on a .NET type using the assembly qualified name wouldn't run the class initializer.
  • Fixed System.arraycopy() performance regression introduced in 0.31 for ikvmc compiled code.
  • Changed java.lang.ref.Reference not to use a WeakReference if the referent is a Class object (since IKVM doesn't support Class gc, it would be a waste).
  • Fixed java.lang.ref.Reference memory leak (a reference associated with a ReferenceQueue would stay around until the referent was GCed).
  • Changed ikvmc to "critical fail" if it triggers a TypeResolve event. If you encounter these, please report them.
  • Fixed stub generator to set inner class access flags correctly in outer class InnerClasses attribute. Previously javac didn't recognize the Annotation inner interface in .NET custom attribute classes as annotation because the annotation bit wasn't set in the outer class.
  • Regenerated mscorlib.jar and System.jar. Removed System.Xml.jar.
  • Fixed bug in VMObjectStreamClass.hasClassInitializer that could cause it to throw a System.NotSupportedException on an array type when the element type was an unfinished dynamic type.
  • Fixed a bug in the hack that looks up the TimeZone.
  • Added IsErased and IsDynamicOnly properties to TypeWrapper.
  • Changed delegate handling to no longer emit the Method interface, but instead use static binding to the target method when possible and otherwise generate dynamic code.
  • Introduced generic handling of DynamicOnly interfaces (both the "Method" and "Annotation" interfaces in respectively delegates and custom attributes are now represented as DynamicOnly types -- i.e. they are implemented entirely through reflection.)
  • Changed bytecode compiler to call ikvm.runtime.getClassFromTypeHandle instead of IKVM.Runtime.GetClassFromTypeHandle for ldc <class> to remove the need to downcast the resulting object to Class.
  • Moved compilation options from static properties of JVM class to instance properties of ClassLoaderWrapper.
  • Did a little cleanup/reorganization of ikvmc.
  • Patched runtime/MemberWrapper.cs to work around gmcs bug.
  • Patched awt/toolkit.cs to work around gmcs bug.
  • Moved AotTypeWrapper static fields to CompilerClassLoader instance fields.
  • Removed TypeWrapper.Assembly property.
  • Fixed WeakReference tracker to use a WeakTrackResurrection handle, to be able to enqueue weak references that are only reachable via a finalizer or are resurrected.
  • Changed file.encoding system property from hardcoded 8859_1 to using System.Text.Encoding.Default.WebName.

Source is in cvs. Binaries: ikvmbin-0.31.2439.zip

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