# Tuesday, December 5, 2006
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New Snapshot

Final snapshot before the 0.32 release candidate (due after GNU Classpath 0.93 is released).

  • Integrated GNU Classpath 0.93 cvs branch.
  • Fixed type sealing optimization to take -privatepackage option into account.
  • Fixed line number table encoding bug (for line number deltas > 8191).
  • Fixed array to support internal accessibility (@ikvm.lang.Internal annotation or ikvmc -privatepackage option).
  • Switched to using NAnt-0.85 (release) for building.
  • Unforked gnu.classpath.Pointer. GNU Classpath native code that uses Pointer can now be used as-is.
  • Removed various gnu.classpath.Pointer hacks from compiler and runtime.
  • Removed handcoded DirectByteBufferImpl methods from map.xml
  • Forked DirectByteBufferImpl and merged in MappedByteBufferImpl functionality. DirectByteBufferImpl now uses .NET type System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal to do direct buffer manipulation and uses a PhantomReference to schedule cleanup.
  • Updated FileChannelImpl to use new DirectByteBufferImpl instead of MappedByteBufferImpl.
  • Changed FileChannelImpl to directly use win32 boolean instead of polymorphism, for the few platform specific operations.
  • Fixed regression introduced in previous snapshot. IsErasedOrBoxedPrimitiveOrRemapped should only return true for Java primitives, not all .NET primitives.
  • Added check to ikvmc to make sure that all assemblies required by referenced assemblies are available.
  • Added attempted workaround for c++/cli compiler bug https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/ViewFeedback.aspx?FeedbackID=234167
  • Fixed Socket.soLingerOption(false) handling.
  • Added String.format() methods. (Note that they delegate to GNU Classpath's java.util.Formatter which isn't yet fully functional.)
  • Changed class file parser to accept version 50 (Java 6) class files (the StackMapTable attribute is still ignored though).
  • Fixed ikvmc to make the stub methods that exist to hide System.Object and System.Exception methods from java.lang.Object and java.lang.Throwable do a virtual call on the methods they hide, instead of a non-virtual call.
  • Removed public instancehelper_finalize() and instancehelper_clone() methods from java.lang.Object & java.lang.Throwable. This required some relatively ugly hacks, but having these protected methods callable by anyone was not acceptable from a security p.o.v. so hacks are a necessary evil. As a side effect, these hacks made it possible to implement clone() for types that extend cli.System.Object and cli.System.Exception (as long as they implement the java.lang.Cloneable interface to signal that they are OK with being cloned).
  • Enabled IKVM.AWT.WinForms.dll target on Linux.
  • Changed AssemblyClassLoader (Java code) to keep track of the Assembly it corresponds to.
  • Implemented some simple codegen optimizations in CountingILGenerator.
  • Implemented resource loading delegation for assembly class loaders.
  • Added support (albeit a little hacky) for generating class stubs for .NET generic type instances.
  • Added ikvmc -externalresource option to link external files as resources (i.e. instead of embedding the resource in the assembly, only a filename and hash are added to the assembly manifest.)
  • Pre-linked .NET method wrappers, to fix problem with .NET generic types in signatures.

Source is in cvs. Binaries: ikvmbin-0.31.2530.zip

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