# Sunday, April 29, 2007
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IKVM 0.34 rc3

While working on NIO pipe support in the development branch, I found a few socket bugs and I decided to back port them to the 0.34 release. I've also back ported the NIO pipe support itself, since that's a low risk change.

Changes since rc2:

  • Implemented NIO pipe support.
  • Added support for socket connect with timeout.
  • Fixed Socket.bind() to set local port after binding.
  • Fixed SocketChannel.read() to return -1 if other side closed the socket.
  • Fixed ServerSocketChannel.accept() to properly set the state in the returned socket, to fix the socket from breaking if you called certain Socket methods on the SocketChannel.socket(). This was a regression introduced during the 0.33 development.

Files are available here: ikvm- (source + binaries) and ikvmbin- (binaries).

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