# Friday, May 11, 2007
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Merging the First OpenJDK Code and Another x64 CLR Bug

While working on integrating Sun's recently GPLed code to parse and toString floats and doubles (so that this long standing IKVM bug can finally be fixed) I ran into another x64 CLR bug, this time in the JIT. It was a little bit disturbing to see a Double.parseDouble() test fail with the Sun code that previously worked with my lame and hacked up parsing code, but fortunately the workaround was easy. The IKVM bytecode compiler now obfuscates any -0.0 literals it encounters to prevent the x64 JIT from "optimizing" them.

On a more general note, I haven't yet figured out how to go about integrating the whole of OpenJDK, but I have discovered it'll be quite a bit of work. For every class that uses native code to interface with the VM I'll have to decide whether to implement the existing native methods in C#, implement them in map.xml or rewrite the class to add IKVM specific code. Each option has different trade-offs, for example while it sucks to fork a class due to the added work of merging in changes, adding the required IKVM specific modifications inline is often the cleanest and most efficient way of implementing the required functionality.

I think I'm going to dip my toe into the water by changing my java.lang.reflect.* classes, which are currently modified versions of the GNU Classpath classes, into versions derived from the Sun code.

One final note. The OpenJDK is supposedly licensed under the GPL + "Classpath" exception, but the license text says that only files that explicitly opt-in to the "Classpath" exception are covered by the exception. That implies that I'll have to examine each source file to make sure it is covered, before including it with IKVM.

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