# Thursday, August 2, 2007
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What about AWT / Swing Support?

In the comments to the previous entry Martin asked:

Would you support AWT / Swing as the Sun Version?

I've always said that AWT / Swing are not a priority for me and that won't change. Having said that, my current idea is to have two AWT back-ends, the default one similar to the current situation, i.e. a .NET Windows Forms based partial implementation. The second (optional) one would be the OpenJDK based implementation, using the OpenJDK native libraries. However, as usual, this is all subject to change.

Andrew asked:

Okay, just wanted to clarify what you mean by 'integrating'. My understanding is you actually replace the GNU Classpath code with code copied from OpenJDK and then try and implement the necessary VM wotsits -- is that correct? If that is the case, presumably the end goal is to complete replace all the Classpath code. At the moment, that'd be a real shame because it would make IKVM more broken as lots of stuff like AWT/Swing is broken on OpenJDK.

That's not really true on IKVM. IKVM has never supported GNU Classpath's AWT/Swing implementation (it includes only the GNU Classpath implementation of the public API, the peer implementations are not used).

In case you're wondering why IKVM doesn't support the GNU Classpath peers, that's because the GNU Classpath peers don't support Windows and also because IKVM is built on top of the CLI and (almost all) the IKVM binaries are OS and CPU architecture independent, using native code is not compatible with that feature.

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