# Tuesday, December 4, 2007
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IKVM 0.36 Release Candidate 6

This time I really expect this to be the final 0.36 release candidate :-)

The list of changes is relative to the 0.36 rc5, only the DynamicMethod constructor fix is new relative to the 0.37 development snapshot.


  • Implemented Custom Assembly Class Loaders.
  • Fixed URL.equals() for "ikvmres:" urls.
  • Fixed findResources() bug that caused resources in core assembly to show up twice if a .NET assembly explicitly referenced the core assembly.
  • Added check to prevent defineClass() on an assembly class loader from defining a class that already exists in the assembly.
  • Fixed Class.getModifiers() to mask out ACC_SUPER bit.
  • Fixed a bug in the DynamicMethod based reflection implementation that caused a NullPointerException when generating the setter for a final instance field for code that isn't compiled with -strictfinalfieldsemantics.
  • Fix to make sure that a ghost interface method call always goes thru the target reference wrapping path. (Calling java.lang.CharSequence methods through an interface that extends java.lang.CharSequence would generate incorrect code.)
  • Fixed ghost interface array casting to generate verifiable code.
  • Fixed FileChannelImpl to close the FileDescriptor after releasing the file locks.
  • Fixed DynamicMethod based constructor reflection invocation to have method match the delegate signature.

Binaries available here:ikvmbin-

Sources (+ binaries):ikvm-

External sources (haven't changed since rc1):classpath-0.95-stripped.zip,openjdk-b13-stripped.zip

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