# Monday, January 7, 2008
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New Development Snapshot

The major change is that I dropped support for .NET 1.1 and started taking advantage of .NET 2.0 specific features. The most significant result of that is that it is now possible to run (some) applications in partial trust and that IKVM.OpenJDK.ClassLibrary.dll and IKVM.Runtime.dll can be put into the GAC and called from partially trusted code. Note that if you want to put the binaries in the GAC you'll have to build your own binaries (to get them strong named) as the development snapshot binaries are not strong named.


  • .NET 1.1 is no longer supported.
  • Removed .NET 2.0 warnings (except for the "unreachable code" ones).
  • Removed most .NET 1.1 specific code.
  • Removed conditional compilation of .NET 2.0 specific code.
  • Updated FileChannelImpl to use SafeFileHandle and GC.Add|RemoveMemoryPressure.
  • Added GC.KeepAlive to "native" methods of MappedByteBuffer.
  • Improved VFS.
  • The VFS file "lib/security/cacerts" is now dynamically generated from the .NET X509 store.
  • Implemented native methods of java.io.Console (some Win32 only).
  • Implemented support for InternalsVisibleToAttribute.
  • Moved JNI implementation into a separate assembly (IKVM.Runtime.JNI.dll) to make IKVM.Runtime.dll verifiable.
  • Made all "native" method classes internal.
  • Restructured VM <-> Library interface to take advantage of InternalsVisibleTo to remove public methods and reflection usage.
  • Added support for adding constructors in map.xml.
  • Changed <clinit> method to SmartConstructorMethodWrapper to support calling it from map.xml
  • Removed call to unnecessary call to MatchTypes (to support partial trust)
  • Ignore SecurityException in CanonicalizePath.
  • Moved some calls to methods with a LinkDemand (that fails in partial trust) to a separate methods.
  • Added stuff to map.xml to remove the need for reflection in VM / Library bootstrap.
  • Inverted IKVM.Runtime.JNI dependency in stack walking code to avoid needlessly loading the JNI assembly.
  • Fixed bug that caused nested .NET generic types to report a declaring type.
  • Added -skiperror option to ikvmstub (by Kevin Grigorenko).
  • Replaced GCHandle in java.lang.ref.Reference with WeakReference to support partial trust.
  • Added check to prevent sun.misc.Unsafe.objectFieldOffset() from working on static fields.
  • Added support for registering a delegate with a DynamicTypeWrapper that gets called after the type is baked.
  • Intrinsified AtomicReferenceFieldUpdater.newUpdater().
  • Added virtual opcode to explicitly trigger class initialization from map.xml.
  • Added accessor methods for "slot" to Method & Constructor.
  • Implemented System.setIn0, setOut0, setErr0 in map.xml.
  • Hacked sun.misc.SharedSecrets in map.xml to replace Unsafe.ensureClassInitialize() with direct calls.
  • Replaced java.nio.Bits.byteOrder() in map.xml with simple System.BitConver.IsLittleEndian based implementation.
  • Disabled DynamicMethodSupport when running in partial trust.
  • Don't trigger load of JNI assembly when "loading" a fake system library.
  • Added ikvmc -platform option.
  • Added SecurityCritical and AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers annotation to IKVM.OpenJDK.ClassLibrary.dll.
  • Added SecurityCritical and AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers attributes to IKVM.Runtime.dll.


Development snapshots are intended for evaluating and keeping track of where the project is going, not for production usage. The binaries have not been extensively tested and are not strong named.

Binaries available here: ikvmbin-0.37.2928.zip

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