# Monday, April 7, 2008
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IKVM 0.36 Update 1 Released

When I released IKVM 0.36 I said I intended to support 0.36 for a longer period since it is the last version that runs on .NET 1.1. Today I've released the first update release of 0.36 to SourceForge. For those who have been tracking the release candidates, this release is identical to release candidate 5.

Changes since IKVM

  • Changed version to IKVM
  • Fix for reflection bug on .NET generic nested types that caused this.
  • Fix for bug #1865922.
  • java.awt.image.Raster fix.
  • Fix bug in DynamicMethod based serialization for fields typed as ghost interfaces.
  • Fixed ikvmc to support referencing assemblies that contain .NET type named java.lang.Object.
  • Improved error handling for ikvmc -reference option.
  • Optimized codegen for lcmp, fcmp, dcmp and shift opcodes.
  • Added support to Class.forName() for loading Java types with assembly qualified type names.
  • Implemented field/method/parameter annotation support for .NET types.
  • Added workaround for .NET 1.1 bug in Directory.CreateDirectory(). (bug #1902154)
  • Added -removeassertions optimization option to ikvmc.
  • Added -removeassertions to IKVM.OpenJDK.ClassLibrary.dll build.
  • Fixed JVM_CreateJavaVM to initialize the class library.
  • Fixed ikvmc to include zero length resource files.
  • Implemented SocketOptions.IP_MULTICAST_IF and SocketOptions.IP_MULTICAST_IF2.
  • Fixed assembly class loader to ignore codebase for dynamic assemblies (previously it would throw an exception).
  • Fixed exception stack trace code to return the .NET name of a type when a method in a primitive type is on the stack.
  • Fixed JNI reflection to filter out HideFromReflection members.
  • Fixed java.net.NetworkInterface to work on pre-Win2K3 systems.
  • Fixed java.lang.Thread to set context class loader for threads started from .NET.

If you want to build from source, you need ikvm-0.36.11.zip, classpath-0.95-stripped.zip, openjdk-b13-stripped.zip and the java.awt.image.Raster fix.

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