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Using Mono.Cecil instead of Reflection.Emit in IKVMC

I prototyped a Reflection.Emit layer for Mono.Cecil and integrated it with ikvmc. Preliminary results:

  • It looks like it is feasible to replace "using System.Reflection.Emit;" with "using Cecil.Reflection.Emit;" and only require a handful of "#if CECIL"s sprinkled through the code.
  • Mono.Cecil is lacking some functionality required by ikvmc (global methods, multi module assemblies, support for calli signatures [AFAICT], support for byte[] arguments in custom attributes)
  • Given the architecture of Mono.Cecil I'm worried that it will perform worse than Reflection.Emit (which, on .NET, is already pretty slow).

I'm pretty sure there are more issues waiting to be discovered, but these I found while trying to compile a relatively simple .class file. I got it to generate a verifiable assembly using the following ikvmc command:

        ikvmc test.class -target:library -nostacktraceinfo

If you want to play along, the Cecil.Reflection.Emit layer plus the ikvmc patch (relative to current cvs) can be found here.

At this point I'm not sure what's next. I don't feel working on Mono.Cecil is the best use of my time. I may have to put the multi assembly feature of ikvmc on the back burner (which also means no progress in splitting up IKVM.OpenJDK.ClassLibrary.dll).

On a more possitive note, doing this work made me realize that ConstructorBuilder is a useless annoyance and I can simplify some ikvm code by only using MethodBuilder (it turns out that DefineMethod can also be used to define a constructor).

Well, I will be able to do this once Mono's DefineMethod is fixed so that it notices that a constructor is created and not insert another default constructor.

Update: Zoltan already fixed the Mono bug. Thanks!

Update 2: Jb Evain pointed out that global methods are supported (simply add the methods to the <Module> type) and that calli is supported via Mono.Cecil.CallSite.

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