# Friday, October 2, 2009
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New Development Snapshot

We're starting to prepare for the 0.42 release. This is the last 0.41 development snapshot.


  • Added support for exposing open generic types as Java classes (special "handle" classes that can only be used for stack walking). Fixes bug #2843805.
  • ArrayTypeWrapper: Fixed a race condition and avoid holding the lock while calling external code.
  • Removed vestigial compact framework support code.
  • Some source file restructuring (Moved DynamicTypeWrapper and DotNetTypeWrapper classes into their own source files and AssemblyClassLoader and BootstrapClassLoader clases into AssemblyClassLoader.cs).
  • Fixed regression introduced with recent label handling changes. Bug #2847725.
  • Various AWT fixes by Nat and Volker.
  • Rewrote custom assembly class loader initialization to avoid running user code (static initializer) while holding a lock and to better handle invocation of getClassLoader() during the class loader constructor (or static initializer).
  • Added hack to expose more custom attributes from mscorlib as annotations.

Binary available here: ikvmbin-0.41.3562.zip

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