# Monday, August 1, 2011
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New Development Snapshot

After a massive amount of work, we finally have a new development snapshot based on OpenJDK 7 b147. There is still a lot of work to do to implement all the new functionality, but at least all the OpenJDK code has now been integrated.

There should not be any major regressions, but if you run into any (that isn't caused by an ikvm.internal.NotYetImplementedError or System.NotImplementedException) please let us know.


  • IPv6 support is still at 0.46 level.
  • JSR-292: Only MethodHandle.invokeExact support has been implemented. Mostly untested.
  • Parallel class loading support not yet implemented.
  • java.nio.file: Standard file system incomplete.
  • java.nio.channels.AsynchronousFileChannel not yet implemented.


  • Integrated OpenJDK 7 b147.
  • New version numbering scheme: 7.0.@BUILD@.0.
  • Added ikvmc -warnaserror option (which turns all warnings into errors, as opposed to the already existing option -warnaserror: to turn specific warnings into errors).
  • Added -warnaserror to the IKVM.OpenJDK.*.dll builds.
  • Changed ikvmc not to stop on the first error encountered. Keep going until 100 errors. Note that there still are a bunch of immediately fatal errors.
  • Fixed java.io.FileOutputStream in append mode to use atomic append.
  • Fixed java.util.zip to support files larger than 2GB and added Zip64 support.
  • Made sun.misc.Unsafe.ensureClassInitialized() into an intrinsic.
  • Extended map file support for ldtoken opcode to support loading method and field tokens.
  • Fixed Thread.isCCLOverridden() bug. If the [g|s]etContextClassLoader() methods were not JITted before isCCLOverridden(), ldftn would return the JIT stub address and the vtable could contain the JITted method address.
  • Added -Xnoglobbing option to ikvm.exe.
  • Added a new (additional) naming scheme for "managed JNI" method container classes that avoids all the name collisions.
  • Moved java.awt.AWTPermission into SwingAWT assembly.
  • Added map file support for opcodes: ldarg_s, or, xor, not.
  • Fixed I18N system properties (user.language, user.country, user.variant and user.script).
  • Set sun.java.command and sun.java.launcher properties in ikvm.exe.
  • Added missing lib/ext resources.
  • Fixed ikvmstub compatibility with newer versions of ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll which require the ZipEntry size to be set explicitly, otherwise the generated archive will not be compatible with older zip implementations (like Java 6's java.util.zip).
  • Fixed serialization interop bug that could cause ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException to be thrown while writing.
  • Fixed a serialization interop bug. If an object is a subclass of a class that has readResolve() method, but the subclass doesn't have a readResolve(), we should not call the base class readResolve().
  • Bug fix. When an abstract .NET type implements System.IComparable (and hence java.lang.Comparable) the resulting stub is not usable from Java because the compareTo method is missing. This fix adds the missing method.
  • Added support for declaring exceptions on shadow interface methods.
  • Fix and enhancement. When a .NET type implements a shadowed interface, we now also publish the original interface (e.g. if the .NET type implements System.IComparable, Java code will now see java.lang.Comparable and System.IComparable). In addition, the new code makes sure that when a .NET type explicitly implements both System.IComparable and java.lang.Comparable that the Java code will not see java.lang.Comparable twice.
  • Include OpenJDK 7 java.lang.AutoCloseable interface and make it shadow System.IDisposable. Removed java.io.Closeable special casing to support IDisposable (now automatic because Closeable extends AutoCloseable).
  • IKVM.Reflection: Fixed CliHeader read bug. Thanks to Oleg Mihailik for reporting this.

Binaries available here: ikvmbin-7.0.4230.zip
OpenJDK 7 sources: openjdk7-b147-stripped.zip

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