# Wednesday, August 26, 2015
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IKVM.NET 8.1 Release Candidate 0

The first release candidate is finally available. It can be downloaded here or from NuGet.

What's New (relative to IKVM.NET 8.0):

  • Integrated OpenJDK 8u45.
  • Many fixes to late binding support.
  • Added ikvmc support for deterministic output files.
  • Various sun.misc.Unsafe improvements.
  • Many minor bug fixes and performance tweaks.

Changes since previous development snapshot:

  • Assemblies are strong named.
  • Fix for bug #303. ikvmc internal compiler error when trying to get interfaces from type from missing assembly reference.
  • Implemented NIO atomic file move on Windows.

Binaries available here: ikvmbin-8.1.5717.0.zip

Sources: ikvmsrc-8.1.5717.0.zip, openjdk-8u45-b14-stripped.zip

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