# Wednesday, June 26, 2002
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Milestone! I just managed to JIT the entire transitive closure of classes required to run Hello World (304 classes).

It doesn't run yet, because I don't have the required classpath native methods yet and the resulting exe (708KB) contains tons of verification errors, but this is definitely an exciting step.

I had to make a few minor changes to the classpath source:

  • removed java/lang/CharSequence interface from java/lang/String and added workarounds to make it compile after this

  • removed equals() and hashCode() from java/util/Collection

  • removed equals() from java/util/Comparator

The equals() and hashCode() methods in interfaces don't really do anything, but at the moment I cannot handle them. It would be trivial to add code to handle them, but I don't want to hardcode that kind of stuff, all method remapping should be based on the XML file that defines the remappings.

Download here.

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