# Thursday, May 31, 2007
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First Hybrid OpenJDK / GNU Classpath Snapshot

The first step on a long journey. I've integrated OpenJDK's java.lang.reflect.* a few classes from java.lang.* and a whole bunch of sun.* support classes. Take a look at allsources.lst to see which sources are used from where. I'll try to write a detailed blog entry discussing the various integration points (and answering the questions asked here) over the weekend.

Other changes:

  • Added some conditionally compiled code to work around .NET 2.0 obsoletion warnings.
  • Optimized lcmp, fcmpl, fcmpg, dcmpl and dcmpg bytecodes (by Dennis Ushakov).
  • Fixed ikvmc not to crash if map.xml doesn't contain any <class> entries.
  • Various refactorings to make OpenJDK integration easier.

Known regressions:

  • System class loader is not set correct for ikvmc compiled code.

This is based on OpenJDK drop b12, which appears not to be available for download anymore. The ikvm changes are in cvs. The snapshot binaries are available here: ikvmbin-hybrid-0.35.2707.zip.

As always, snapshots are not intended to be used in production, only for testing and getting a flavor of where development is going.

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