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Invokedynamic Proof of Concept

A few days ago the JSR 292 expert group released an early draft review for the invokedynamic instruction.

To investigate how this would work out for IKVM, I cooked up a proof of concept in C#.

class InvokeDynamicPoC
  private static InvokeDynamic<object, CallSite, object, object[]> __bootstrapMethod =
  private static CallSiteImpl<InvokeDynamicVoid<string, int, int>> __site1 =
    new CallSiteImpl<InvokeDynamicVoid<string, int, int>>(
      new StaticContextImpl(typeof(InvokeDynamicPoC), "printSubstring"));

  private static void Main()
    for (int j = 0; j < 2; j++)
      int start = Environment.TickCount;
      for (int i = 0; i < 10/*0000000/**/; i++)
        string obj = "invokedynamic";
        int arg1 = 3;
        int arg2 = 2;
        MethodHandleImpl<InvokeDynamicVoid<string, int, int>> mh = __site1.mh;
        if (mh == null)
          __bootstrapMethod(__site1, obj, new object[] { java.lang.Integer.valueOf(arg1),
                                                         java.lang.Integer.valueOf(arg2) });
          mh.d(obj, arg1, arg2);
      int end = Environment.TickCount;
      Console.WriteLine(end - start);

  private static void printSubstring(string s, int startIndex, int length)
    Console.WriteLine(s.Substring(startIndex, length));

  private static object bootstrapInvokeDynamic(CallSite cs, object receiver, object[] arguments)
    java.lang.Class c = typeof(InvokeDynamicPoC);
    java.lang.reflect.Method m = c.getDeclaredMethod(cs.getStaticContext().getName(),
                                                     typeof(string), typeof(int), typeof(int));
    MethodHandle mh = MethodHandles.unreflect(m);
    return m.invoke(null, receiver, arguments[0], arguments[1]);

The full (compilable and working) source is available here.

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