# Monday, September 23, 2002
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Many small changes, mostly to deal with incorrect class files and a few bug fixes:

  • Java threads now inherit their name from the .NET thread (for threads that aren't created in Java) and threads that are created in Java, set the name of the .NET thread to their Java name
  • JNI methods that do not exist now throw UnsatifiedLinkError
  • Added more checks to class file reader
  • Added the JavaException helper class to centralize all the dynamic exception creation (for things like NoClassDefFoundError, VerifyError, IncompatibleClassChangeError, etc.)
  • Improved stack trace handling for inner exceptions
  • Enforced access checks for base classes and interfaces
  • Added checks to enforce that base class is not an interface and checks to ensure implemented interfaces are in fact interfaces
  • Added check to prevent subclassing final classes
  • Fixed doubleToLongBits to return normalized NaN and implemented doubleToRawLongBits
  • Added support for calling interface methods on object references (required because it sometimes isn't possible to merge interface types, so the merged type will be Object), also added support for calling Object methods through invokeinterface.
  • Ported Java DoubleToString class (written by Jack Shirazi) that (hopefully) correctly converts a double to its string representation
  • Added support for abstract methods in non-abstract classes (which the JVM apparently allows)

Updated the binaries and source snaphots.

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