# Wednesday, September 15, 2004
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New Snapshot

A new snapshot with some minor changes. In the previous entry I forgot to document two JNI restrictions:

  • JNI doesn't work with Mono 1.0 on Windows (Mono doesn't do correct P/Invoke name mangling on Windows -- this can be worked around by rebuilding IKVM.Runtime.dll with the alternative DllImport attributes in JniInterface.cs).
  • JNI libraries are never unloaded. Class loaders aren't garbage collected and consequently, native libraries aren't either.


  • Implemented support for globbing on Windows. Both to ikvm.exe and to executables compiled with ikvmc (on ikvmc it can be disabled with the -noglobbing option).
  • Added IKVM.Runtime.Startup class that contains globbing support and a method to set Java system properties.
  • Added option to ikvmc to set Java system properties before starting the application (executables only).
  • Disabled freeing of JNIEnv unmanaged memory (for the time being) because it causes crashes on Mono (possibly due to a GC bug in Mono).
  • Added optimization to mark "side effect free" static initializers with the beforefieldinit flag. (Static compilation only.)
  • Added special case support to the verifier for the "side effect free" optimization.
  • Fixed a verifier bug that caused unverifiable code to be generated in rare circumstances (the code worked OK, it just wasn't verifiable). This was the issue that caused Xerces' org.apache.xerces.util.DOMUtil.copyInto() to fail verification.

New snapshots: just the binaries and source plus binaries.

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