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Eclipse 3.2 x64

The Eclipse 3.2 release also includes an "early access" version for Windows x64 (among other 64 bit platforms), so I decided to try to run this version on IKVM.

While trying this I discovered a bug in the 64 bit version of the CLR. It doesn't respect MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.NoInlining) and this means that Eclipse fails to start up, because it still does that weird stack walking to make sure that a particular method is called by the expected caller. BTW, instead of using the stack trace from an exception, they now use a subclass of SecurityManager and call getClassContext on that. That mechanism is a little better, but it is still incredibly lame.

The good news is that after adding a hack to IKVM to insert some extra junk in that particular method that prevents it from being inlined, Eclipse 3.2 x64 seems to run fine on IKVM.

Coincidentally, Eclipse 3.2 doesn't work on IKVM, because my implementation of getClassContext returned one stack frame too few (the GNU Classpath VMStackWalker interface is somewhat inconsistent, the other two methods in it both skip two frames, but getClassContext is apparantly only supposed to skip one frame).

Update: I got an e-mail from someone on the CLR team and he explained that the observed behaviour is by design. The method is not inlined, but the JIT optimizes the call into a tail call, thereby removing the stack frame from the call stack. Strictly speaking this is indeed a legal optimization, but I have to say I don't really see the point, if I wanted a tail call I would have used the tail call instruction.

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