# Thursday, March 3, 2011
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IKVM.NET 0.46 Release Candidate 0

Finally, after way too long, the first 0.46 release candidate is available.

What's New (relative to IKVM.NET 0.44):

  • Integrated OpenJDK 6 b22.
  • Added -Xreference: option to ikvm.exe and ikvm.runtime.Startup.addBootClassPathAssemby() API.
  • The binaries zip now includes lib/ikvm-api.jar to avoid having to run ikvmstub to get access to the IKVM Java APIs.
  • Ported parts of fdlibm to C# to use for StrictMath methods tan, cbrt, floor, pow, hypot, expm1 and log1p.
  • Add support for serializing .NET exceptions in Java. We don't serialize the actual object, but a placeholder instead, to avoid having to implement full .NET serialization interop.
  • Added IL optimization step to code generator.
  • Added SynchronizationContext for AWT event thread.
  • Many IKVM.Reflection improvements and bug fixes.
  • Many Swing/AWT improvements.
  • Implemented IPv6 support (.NET only) for java.net package APIs.
  • The sun.boot.class.path system property now points to VFS to allow javac to work (although a bit slow, because the boot class files are dynamically generated on demand).
  • Resource and generated stub classes are now projected into the virtual IKVM home directory, to make code that assumes that resources live in jars happy.
  • Improvements to @ikvm.lang.Internal handling.
  • Many minor improvements.

Fixes since previous development snapshot:

  • IKVM.Reflection: Added limited support for #- metadata stream ("uncompressed" table heap). ParamPtr table is not yet implemented.
  • IKVM.Reflection: Fixed bug in CustomAttributeData.__ToBuilder(). Array values should be unwrapped.
  • IKVM.Reflection: Added __GetBlob() API extension to allow custom attribute arguments to be parsed/used even when some of the argument types are missing.
  • IKVM.Reflection: Fixed stack height computation bug. For a newobj the parameters should be popped before the new object is pushed. Previously we could set the maximum stack height one slot too high.
  • IKVM.Reflection: Added ConstructorBuilder.__SetSignature() API extension to allow constructor to be defined before the parameter types are available and to allow return type custom modifiers.

Binaries available here: ikvmbin-

Sources: ikvmsrc-, openjdk6-b22-stripped.zip

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Monday, March 14, 2011 3:39:00 PM (W. Europe Standard Time, UTC+01:00)
This is one of the most impressive open source projects I've ever seen. I just tried this new release on a Java command line tool I wrote recently, and I found I could literally replace java.exe with ikvm.exe and it ran flawlessly. Okay, not a very deep test, but my first reaction is: brilliant work.
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