# Saturday, November 15, 2003
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Weak References

I finally implemented (partial) support for weak references. Java has three types of weak references:

Only WeakReference is implemented 100% correctly (barring any bugs), but I'm pretty sure that the difference between the IKVM and JVM implementations of PhantomReference is undetectable. SoftReference is currently implemented as a WeakReference, this means that they will be cleared too soon and this could adversly affect performance of caches that depend on SoftReference.


ReferenceQueue is fully supported, but it isn't very efficient. Every Reference instance that is associated with a queue has a corresponding object that watches for GC activity (by having a finalize method and being unreachable), each time the finalizer runs it checks the associated Reference to see if it has been cleared, if it has the Reference is inserted into the ReferenceQueue, if it hasn't, a new watcher object instance is created.


The difference between the IKVM and JVM PhantomReference is that the IKVM implementation doesn't actually prevent the object from being collected, but since you cannot possibly get a reference to a phantom reachable object (apart from using non-portable reflection hacks), I don't understand the point of the specified behavior for PhantomReference.


Source is not yet in CVS. I made many other changes as well and I'll try to check them in and create a new snapshot tomorrow.

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