# Tuesday, October 5, 2004
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New Snapshot

A couple of bug fixes and some cleanup, but the two major new features are the support for Whidbey (ikvmstub can now handle Whidbey's mscorlib) and the fact that getClassLoader() now returns the system class loader for statically compiled classes (instead of null).

Note that Whidbey support only means that IKVM will now run successfully on Whidbey, not that any of the new Whidbey features are available to use from Java. In particular, generic types and generic methods are not visible to Java code.

What's new:

  • Implemented support for assertions.
  • Changed TimeZone code to find an existing Java timezone that matches the current .NET TimeZone (a little better than before but it's still a very lame solution).
  • Added -r short form of -reference option to ikvmc.
  • Improved error handling for incorrect filenames/paths in ikvmc.
  • Changed TypeWrapper.GetFieldWrapper() to take a signature string instead of a TypeWrapper.
  • Statically compiled code (outside of IKVM.GNU.Classpath.dll) now returns the system class loader for Class.getClassLoader(), instead of null.
  • Changed FieldWrapper implementation to subclass based model instead of delegating to CodeEmitter instances.
  • Removed most of the CodeEmitter functionality.
  • Fixed field reflection bug (reflecting on fields in statically compiled Java types or .NET types didn't work unless you had previously reflected on the methods of the type, or dynamically compiled code against the type).
  • Added preliminary support to run on Whidbey (generic types and methods will not be visible from Java).
  • Removed map.xml support for without sig attribute.
  • Fixed reflection on .NET types to ignore methods with ByRef pointer arguments.
  • Added support to ikvmstub to skip .NET types that aren't visible from Java.

New snapshots: just the binaries and source plus binaries.

Update: I updated the snapshot to fix a regression when accessing fields where the field type class is not found.

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