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New Snapshot

I'm preparing for the 0.30 release and this time I decided to do things a little more structured, so I made a branch in cvs: v0_30. I checked out the code into a clean directory changed allsources.lst and classpath.build to point to a clean check out of the GNU Classpath 0.92 release branch (Note that 0.92 has not yet been released) and ran the build script.

The resulting binaries are available here. Note that even though the directory inside the zip is ikvm-, this is not yet 0.30, but instead should be considered a development snapshot and the binaries are unsigned and have version 0.29.*.

Please test this version and report any bugs, now's the time to get them fixed before 0.30 is released!

Here's what's new:

  • Integrated GNU Classpath 0.92-pre
  • Implemented java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicInteger, AtomicIntegerArray, AtomicReference, AtomicReferenceArray, java.util.concurrent.locks.LockSupport and the sun.misc.Unsafe and sun.reflect.Reflection classes required by java.util.concurrent.
  • Added support for Thread parking (as required by j.u.c.l.LockSupport) to VMThread.
  • Added support for ldind.ref, stind.i2, stind.i4, stind.ref and ldelema CIL instruction to remapper.
  • Fixed volatile long/double access to be atomic.
  • Implemented VM specific part of RuntimeMXBean.
  • Implemented VMNetworkInterface using System.Management (via reflection to make sure the code continues to "work" on Mono which doesn't have a System.Management implementation) based on code submitted by Rich Naylor.
  • Implemented DatagramSocket multicast join/leave [implemented by Rich Naylor]
  • Added exception handler to app.config settings reading to ignore exceptions when app.config is invalid.
  • Added support to ikvmstub to generate annotations for custom attributes (but support is limited to a few simple custom attribute signatures currently).
  • Moved assembly attributes from map.xml to AssemblyInfo.java
  • Moved ThreadStatic and DllImport attributes from map.xml to source.
  • Added support for applying assembly attributes (by way of the "assembly" placeholder class).
  • Fixed IsSideEffectFreeStaticInitializer to handle unused class literals and invalid class files.
  • Removed -Xbootclasspath support (it wasn't compatible with Sun and the implementation was very hacky).
  • Cleaned up ikvmstub class loading.
  • Fixed ReflectionOnly (when compiling for WHIDBEY target) bug when handling generic byref method parameters.
  • Fixed DynamicClassLoader.CreateModuleBuilder() to have it return the ikvmc target assembly instead of creating a new assembly.
  • Centralized array type construction.
  • Fixed cli.System.Void.class literal to yield cli.System.Void instead of void type (this also fixes ikvmstub to generate cli.System.Void instead of void when processing mscorlib).
  • Restructured class loading to remove DynamicClassLoader subclass and use delegation instead.
  • Fixed Socket and DatagramSocket to ignore timeout on write operations (reported by David Pirkle).
  • Fixed Socket and DatagramSocket to throw UnknownHostException when dealing with an unresolved SocketAddress.
  • Fixed VMFile.mkdir not to throw exception when trying to create an invalid directory name.
  • Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to load class named "[[".
  • Fixed VMStackWalker.getClassContext() to skip one less frame [this fix makes Eclipse 3.2 start up].
  • Added a hack to prevent the x64 JIT from doing tail call optimizations.
  • Changed IKVM.GNU.Classpath.dll build script to use classpath.security file from GNU Classpath instead of ikvm specific version.
  • Much improved ReflectionOnly support (WHIDBEY target only).
  • Added a CompilationRelaxations assembly attribute to fix a bug that occurred when IKVM.Runtime.dll or ikvmc.exe were NGENed. The code relies on string literals being interned by the CLR, but starting with .NET 2.0 the C# compiler by default annotates the assemblies it generates with the CompilationRelaxations(CompilationRelaxations.NoStringInterning) attribute.
  • Relaxed class name restrictions for 1.5 class files.
  • Added support for Java classes with a Finalize() method (there was a know bug that the generated Finalize stub that calls the real finalize() method would conflict with a user defined Finalize() method).
  • Removed IkvmStubMode hack.
  • Changed naming and loading of CLR generic types.
  • Implemented the remaining 1.5 methods in java.lang.Class.
  • Added consistency checks to Class.getDeclaringClass() and Class.getDeclaredClasses().
  • Simplified loading of "manufactured" nested classes (i.e. the nested Method interface in delegates and the Annotation annotation in attributes).
  • Changed generic type instantiations to have a custom class loader that delegates to the class loaders that were used to create the type (at least when there are no type name clashes).
  • Cleaned up warning generation in ikvmc and added -nowarn option to suppress specific warnings.
  • Fixed volatile read/write on WHIDBEY target build of ikvmc.
  • Made array type construction more lazy. Constructing large dimensional array types is now much faster.
  • Changed ClassLoader.findLoadedClass() to be compatible with 1.5 instead of 1.4 (i.e. it no longer creates new array types).
  • Fixed compiler to mark methods that use getstatic/putstatic on fields in another class as not inlineable (because the instructions are effectively a method call when they trigger the static initializer).
  • Fixed compiler to mark methods that use dynamic getstatic/putstatic/getfield/putfield instructions as not inlineable.
  • Improved optimization in compiler that omits line number table from methods that cannot throw exceptions. It now understands that getfield/putfield on the this reference and getstatic/putstatic on the current class cannot throw.
  • Fixed a bug in exception handling that could cause a TypeInitializationException to turn into a ClassCastException.
  • Added cause exception to NoClassDefFoundError that gets thrown when a type that failed its static initializer is accessed again.

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Friday, August 4, 2006 11:59:25 PM (W. Europe Daylight Time, UTC+02:00)
Great job! I've used several tools, like ANTLR, with no problem.

Maybe we can port E4X, too!

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