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Backward Branch Constraints

The last snapshot was totally broken on Mono (*blush*). My apologies to the Mono users. I should test my snapshots on Mono before releasing them, but I'm lazy so this sometimes slips through the cracks.

The breakage was kind of interesting though. As I wrote last time, I rewrote the bytecode compiler to emit CIL in the same order as the Java bytecode. This caused invalid (per the ECMA spec) CIL to be generated in some cases. The interesting thing is that the code isn't really invalid, the only reason it is invalid is because the spec says so:

Partition III -- 1.7.5 Backward Branch Contraints

It must be possible, with a single forward-pass through the CIL instruction stream for any method, to infer the exact state of the evaluation stack at every instruction (where by “state” we mean the number and type of each item on the evaluation stack).

In particular, if that single-pass analysis arrives at an instruction, call it location X, that immediately follows an unconditional branch, and where X is not the target of an earlier branch instruction, then the state of the evaluation stack at X, clearly, cannot be derived from existing information. In this case, the CLI demands that the evaluation stack at X be empty.

(Note that the section numbering seems to change with each version, this is from the working draft of June 2003.)

Java bytecode has no such requirment, so my straight forward translation caused Java bytecode that is only reachable through a backward branch to be translated into invalid CIL.

The Microsoft verifier and JIT don't require this constraint to be met and they will happily verify and JIT code that violates this constraint. However, the Mono JIT relies on it and so it was unable to handle some of the CIL that IKVM generated.

I fixed the IKVM bytecode compiler to emit ECMA compliant code (at least for this particular issue, who knows what else is wrong). I also fixed exception mapping, which didn't work on Mono as it relied on a currently unimplemented feature (I think, I didn't really investigate).

I think that, realistically, the Mono JIT will also have to be "fixed" to support the broken code, as you can be sure that there will be compilers that emit broken code, because it works on the Microsoft runtime.

New snapshots: just the binaries and source plus binaries.

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