# Wednesday, June 25, 2008
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Useful Tool

Andy Malakov wrote an Ant task for ikvmc. It also contains a doclet that can generate an xml mapping file that contains all the parameter names that ikvmc can then attach to the .NET methods (ikvmc already does this for methods with debugging information, but that doesn't work for abstract methods).

Good stuff!

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I apologize for the lameness of this, but the comment spam was driving me nuts. In order to be able to post a comment, you need to answer a simple question. Hopefully this question is easy enough not to annoy serious commenters, but hard enough to keep the spammers away.

Anti-Spam Question: What method on java.lang.System returns an object's original hashcode (i.e. the one that would be returned by java.lang.Object.hashCode() if it wasn't overridden)? (case is significant)

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