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Mono Summit 2007

Last week I attended the Mono Summit 2007 in Madrid. It was a very productive three days and very much fun as well! I got to meet Zoltan, Wade, Paolo, Massi and Dick for the first time and enjoyed seeing Jb (of Cecil and monolinker fame), Rodrigo (of Boo fame) and Miguel again.

Jb created a small repro of the monolinker bug that caused it too fail on IKVM.OpenJDK.ClassLibrary.dll, so hopefully that'll be fixed soon. I also talked to him about using Cecil in ikvmc to free me from the shackles of Reflection.Emit. This is a major chunk of work, but I think it will be worth it.

Zoltan found some weirdness in my usage of DynamicMethod (the DynamicMethod signature for the constructor reflection helper had an extra unused argument, the CLR didn't mind because it matched up with the unused this reference, but Mono didn't like it). Unfortunately, fixing this didn't resolve the problems I had with DynamicMethod on Mono 1.2.5 and 1.2.6, so fast reflection will remain disabled while running on Mono for the time being (on Zoltan's current code base it did work, so when the Mono release after 1.2.6 is out I'll be able to enable it).

Rodrigo did a very interesting and entertaining presentation on Boo. I must admit that I haven't seriously played with Boo yet, but it looks extremely interesting. It is a statically typed language that also supports more dynamic typing (like Erik Meijer's "Static Typing Where Possible, Dynamic Typing When Needed"). It also supports some very cool meta programming capabilities. I definitely need to check this out and I recommend you do too.

Paolo and I had a tentative discussion about adding Java bytecode support to the Mono JIT, so that the expensive IKVM just-in-time bytecode to IL conversion can be skipped when running Java code in dynamic mode on Mono. This would be really nice to have, but there aren't any specific plans yet, so don't hold your breath yet.

Finally, I tried to convice Jim Purbrick (of SecondLife, who was there because he wants to use Mono to speed up LSL and possibly support other languages) that he really should support Java as well ;-)

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