# Monday, November 14, 2011
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IKVM.NET 7.0 Release Candidate 0

The first release candidate is available. No changes (except the version number and strong naming) relative to the last development snapshot.

What's New (relative to IKVM.NET 0.46):

  • Integrated OpenJDK 7 b147.
  • Implemented Java 7 JVM changes.
  • Java annotations on statically compiled code are now returned as java.lang.reflect.Proxy objects for compability with broken code that assumes this is always the case.
  • Added delegate conversion for java.lang.reflect.InvocationHandler to ikvm.runtime.Delegates.
  • Various remap file improvements.
  • Changed build and JNI code to use different names for the Windows x86 and x64 versions of the native dll.
  • Retain reflection field ordering for ikvmc compiled code (not required by spec, but to improve compatibility with broken code).
  • Various AWT fixes.
  • Interop between java.lang.AutoCloseable and System.IDisposable.
  • Various build system improvements.
  • Added ikvmc -warnaserror option.
  • Fixed java.io.FileOutputStream in append mode to use atomic append.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Added -Xnoglobbing option to ikvm.exe.
  • Various minor fixes.
  • Implemented dual stack sockets (Windows Vista and up only).
  • Implemented platform MBean server.
  • Implemented SocketChannel.sendOutOfBandData().
  • Implemented DatagramChannel multicast methods.
  • Removed mapping of System.Security.VerificationException to java.lang.VerifyError.
  • IKVM.Reflection: Massive enhancements to support a very large portion of the managed PE capabilities (much more than System.Reflection.Emit).

When the final release is done, it will include the full release notes.

Binaries available here: ikvmbin-7.0.4335.0.zip

Sources: ikvmsrc-7.0.4335.0.zip, openjdk7-b147-stripped.zip

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