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Introducing IKVM.Reflection.Emit

Over the past two months I've been working on reimplementing a large portion of the Reflection.Emit API from scratch. After finally growing tired of the System.Reflection.Emit bugs and limitations and not finding Mono.Cecil satisfactory either, I decided to build my own implementation.

I started out with these design goals:

  • API compatible with System.Reflection.Emit (as much as possible).
  • Implement only the Emit part and be compatible with System.Reflection.
  • Only implement functionality required by ikvmc, but not implemented functionality shouldn't silently fail (i.e. it should throw a NotSupportedException or NotImplementedException). This also means that the API is mostly write-only.
  • Efficient implementation, optimized for ikvmc specific scenarios.

I think I've met or exceeded all of the design goals. Without doing any significant performance work on my Ref.Emit implementation (other than the design), ikvmc became so much faster that it is rather emberassing for the Microsoft System.Reflection.Emit implementation.

I've only had to make a couple of minor changes to the ikvmc sources (apart from changing using System.Reflection.Emit; to using IKVM.Reflection.Emit; in every file) to account for the fact that IKVM.Reflection.Emit.ModuleBuilder and IKVM.Reflection.Emit.AssemblyBuilder unfortunately cannot extend System.Reflection.Module and System.Reflection.Assembly. However, it looks like this is fixed in the .NET 4.0 CTP.

Here are some random statistics about compiling IKVM.OpenJDK.ClassLibrary.dll on .NET 2.0 SP2 x64:

  System.Reflection.Emit     IKVM.Reflection.Emit  
File size 31,645,696 30,480,896   bytes
CPU time used 272 35   seconds
Peak virtual memory 1,433,399,296 1,035,018,240   bytes
Generation 0 GCs 770 896  
Generation 1 GCs 201 240  
Generation 2 GCs 11 8  

(The huge memory usage is not because it actually needs that much memory, but simply the result of the fact that garbage collection is more efficient if you have more memory available and that my system had about 1.5GB of free memory while running these tests.)

The smaller file size is because System.Reflection.Emit always uses fat method headers and IKVM.Reflection.Emit uses tiny method headers whenever possible.

There is still some work left to do, I've only spent limited time on debugging support and there is no support for Mono's .mdb format yet. I also haven't done any testing on Mono yet.

BTW, thanks to Sebastien Pouliot for code I lifted from Mono to parse strong name CAPI key blobs.

Other changes in this snapshot:

  • Dropped support for Visual Studio 2005.
  • Added error message when map.xml references non-existing constructor.
  • Added more statistics to ikvmc -time option output.

As always with a development snapshot, don't use this in production, but please do try it out and let me know about it. The sources are available in cvs and the binaries here: ikvmbin-0.39.3240.zip

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