# Sunday, January 11, 2004
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New Snapshot
I made a new snapshot. Here's what's new:
  • Renamed Type property of TypeWrapper to TypeAsTBD. This is to make clear that eventually all references to TypeAsTBD should be removed (a more specific TypeAsXXX should be used).
  • Changed several InvalidOperationException tests to assertions.
  • Changed JavaAssemblyAttribute to JavaModuleAttribute. In the future this attribute will go away and be replaced by an attribute that is attached to each type. This is to support linking Java and non-Java types into the same (single file) assembly with the Whidbey linker.
  • Removed getTypeFromWrapper, getWrapperFromType, getType and getName from VMClass and added getWrapperFromClass.
  • Added TypeWrapper.RunClassInit.
  • Fixed serialization and reflection to be able to call constructor on already allocated objects.
  • Added class accessibility checks in various places.
  • Added EmitCheckCast and EmitInstanceOf to TypeWrapper.
  • Changed all .NET type names in map.xml to partially qualified names.
  • Added -target:module support to ikvmc.
  • Added assembly signing support to ikvmc.
  • Added option to set assembly version to ikvmc.
  • Fixed bug in ikvmc that caused crash if jar contained a manifest.
  • Inner class support for native methods that are mapped to NativeCode.* classes.
  • Miscellaneous clean up and restructuring.

Most of this is clean up and restructuring to facilitate the next major change, removing the "virtual helpers" and introducing base classes for non-final remapped types (java.lang.Object and java.lang.Throwable).

New snapshots: just the binaries and source plus binaries.

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