# Thursday, April 15, 2004
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While it's been quiet on the blog and the mailing list, there has been quite a lot of progress behind the scenes.

  • The next Mono release will contain the C half of the IKVM JNI provider and the next IKVM snapshot will contain the C# half of the Mono JNI provider. This means that JNI will work out of the box on Mono (for the parts of JNI that are actually implemented). Thanks to Zoltan and Miguel for this.
  • I'm planning an IKVM 0.8 release to coincide with the Mono 1.0 release.
  • John Luke added IKVM support to MonoDevelop. Read about it here or see the screenshot here.
  • I successfully started up Eclipse 3.0 M8 for the first time yesterday. Thanks to Michael Koch for his work on GNU Classpath's java.nio implementation and all the other GNU Classpath hackers, of course.
  • In the comments, Jesus Garcia point me to SwingWT. An SWT based implementation of AWT and Swing by Robin Rawson-Tetley. Very cool stuff! It doesn't run on the latest snapshot due to a JNI bug, but I have it running and it's very cool to see the SwingSet demo running on IKVM.

I hope to do a new snapshot in the first week of May and after that to work towards the 0.8 release.

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