# Wednesday, December 22, 2004
New Snapshot

More fixes and stabilization work. More to come...


  • Merged with GNU Classpath cvs.
  • Fixed a relatively obscure bytecode compiler bug (that caused a "critical failure" because of an undefined label).
  • Fixed error handling for sockets to deal with closed sockets.
  • Implemented support for parsing relative ikvmres URLs and improved error handling.
  • Fixed ikvmres protocol handler to set port to -1 instead of 0 to enable better URL/URI roundtripping.
  • Fixed defineClass to throw NoClassDefFoundError instead of ClassNotFoundException (in some cases).
  • Fixed reflection to use a classes real accessibility instead of the access flags from the inner classes attribute.
  • Fixed ikvmc to always return errorcode when compilation fails.
  • Improved exception printing in ikvmstub.
  • Many fixes to class file format checking.
  • Fixed dynamic bytecode helper methods to throw NoClassDefFoundError instead of ClassNotFoundException.
  • Improved detection of class circularity.
  • Added workaround for .NET bug for classes that end with a period.
  • Implemented support for enums that use unsigned integral types as underlying type.
  • Fixed several constant field related bugs.
  • Fixed several .NET literal field related bugs.
  • Added workaround for .NET 1.1 verifier bug that made accessing the Value field of an enum unverifiable (for integral types smaller than Int32).
  • Fixed obscure bytecode compiler bug dealing with assigning uninitialized object references to local variables.
  • Implemented verifier checks to enforce calling the base class constructor before returning from a constructor.
  • Fixed obscure verifier bug that incorrectly disallowed having the unitialized this in a local or on the stack when doing a backward branch.
  • Fixed several verifier bugs when dealing with incorrect bytecode (would previously throw an IndexOutOfBoundsException instead of a VerifyError).
  • Added validation of the exception handling tables to the verifier and class file parser.
  • Implemented invokeinterface verification for bogus bytes following the instruction.
  • Moved java.lang.Class object <-> TypeWrapper mapping from hashtable to field in TypeWrapper.
  • Fixed class loading deadlocking bug.
  • Fixed JNI methods to handle RetargetedJavaExceptions.
  • Fixed Class.getProtectionDomain() for array types (not in Classpath cvs yet).
  • Fixed Class.getModifiers() for inner class array types.

New snapshots: just the binaries and source plus binaries.

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# Monday, December 13, 2004
Calling Conventions & New Snapshot

Puneet Nayyar had some problems with JNI and was kind enough to send me that DLL that didn't work with IKVM. It turned out that the DLL exported a bunch of methods without the name decorations that __stdcall (the JNICALL calling convention on Windows) requires. Originally I thought that the DLL used the __cdecl calling convention (which uses undecorated names, at least on the Visual Studio .NET 2003 C++ compiler, despite what Raymond Chen says), but an examination of the code showed that it did in fact pop the arguments of the stack. So the fix was trivial, just look up JNI methods in their undecorated form as well.

It worries me a little that this allows __cdecl methods to be found too (which is what you get when you forget the JNICALL modifier), because they would (most likely) result in a crash when called. The Sun JDK seems to (accidentally?) support the __cdecl calling convention, maybe they restore the stack pointer from EBP in their thunk.

Other changes:

  • Merged with GNU Classpath cvs.
  • Fixed Class.forName() bugs when dealing with invalid array class names.
  • Fixed Array.newInstance() when used on an unfinished class.
  • Changed os.name and os.version system properties to be more compatible with Sun (on Windows).
  • Changed ikvmc to allow building empty assemblies (mainly useful for creating executable that start a main method in an already compiled assembly).
  • Fixed FileChannelImpl to use a smaller buffer (FileStream forces the use of a buffer, but we don't want any buffering at all).
  • Fixed FileChannelImpl.write(int) to flush and handle exceptions.
  • Fixed FileChannelImpl to handle (asynchronously) closed streams correctly.
  • Fixed some weak reference bugs.
  • Fixed ikvmc to use correct resource names on Mono (leading slash wasn't chopped off).
  • Fixed JNI method lookup to support unmangled names.
  • Cleaned up handling of VerifyError and log the error in the right place.
  • Changed compilation "exception" trace messages to Error category (from Warning).
  • Added compiler support for special casing VMSystem.arraycopy (which is now called directly by Classpath's StringBuffer implementation).

New snapshots: just the binaries and source plus binaries.

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# Thursday, December 2, 2004
New Runtime -> Library Interface & New Snapshot

The major new feature in this version is that I introduced a new interface (ikvm.internal.LibraryVMInterface) to replace all late-bound library operations in the runtime. In some cases this is a performance optimization, but I mainly did it to get better compile time checking.

In addition to that a number of small steps on the long road to 1.0:

  • Merged with GNU Classpath cvs.
  • Made the Field/Method/Constructor constructors package private. These objects are constructed from java.lang.VMClass but they live in java.lang.reflect, so they needed to be public, but I realised that since package private turns into assembly accessibility, I could use some map.xml glue to make factory methods in java.lang.VMClass that access the package private constructors in the java.lang.reflect package.
  • Fixed a whole bunch of DatagramSocket bugs.
  • Increased my Mauve test set enormously. I now run almost all Mauve tests. Current results: 238 of 3600422 tests failed.
  • Fixed FileChannelImpl.truncate to only truncate (not grow) the file.
  • Fixed several small java.io.File compatibility problems.
  • Fixed exception cleaning code to not skip package private methods.
  • Fixed a regression in ikvmc that caused it not to emit the names of method parameters.
  • Fixed regression that caused an exception when processing a constant boolean field.
  • Introduced ikvm.internal.LibraryVMInterface to replace all late binding from the runtime to the class library.
  • Added public API IKVM.Runtime.Util.MapException() to map exceptions from non-Java code.
  • Added ldobj instruction to remapper.cs.
  • Added a tools sub-project (currently only contains one simple app to generate an assembly reference for ilasm).
  • Implemented java.nio.channels.Channels.new[In|Out]putStream native methods.
  • Added stack trace cleaning to remove java.lang.LibraryVMInterfaceImpl methods.
  • Fixed some uncommon cross language Finalize method issues (e.g. when a Java class inherits from a C# class that inherits from Java class).
  • Optimized empty finalize methods. They are no longer registered as real Finalize methods.
  • Fixed reflection on .NET types to properly handle Java ghost interfaces.
  • Added a jvm sub-project to build JVM.DLL (Windows only).
  • Removed stub ikvm/classpath/gnu/java/net/protocol/ftp/Handler.java now that GNU Classpath has an ftp implementation.

New snapshots: just the binaries and source plus binaries.

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