# Monday, March 26, 2007
New Snapshot

The GNU Classpath 0.94 release is due soon (hopefully), but in the mean time here's a new snapshot.


  • Integrated current GNU Classpath cvs version.
  • Fixed VMStackWalker.firstNonNullClassLoader() to handle reflection scenarios (this fixes a problem with serialization where the wrong class loader would be used when deserializing a class that has a custom readObject method.)
  • Added VMFile.setReadable/setWritable/setExecutable/canExecute. Although only setWritable does anything halfway usable (all these methods behave like the JDK on Windows, so only the file's ReadOnly attribute is manipulated).
  • Changed the build process to build IKVM.Runtime.dll in two passes, the first pass is used to compile IKVM.GNU.Classpath.dll against and then in the second pass IKVM.Runtime.dll can statically reference IKVM.GNU.Classpath.dll. This removes the need to use reflection to find IKVM.GNU.Classpath.dll at runtime and thus allows multiple versions of IKVM to co-exist side by side in the same AppDomain now.
  • Added support for stubbing abstract methods that contain unsupported argument types (ByRef and Pointer)
  • Regenerated mscorlib.jar and System.jar
  • Changed RetentionPolicy on .NET custom attribute annotations to RUNTIME, so that ikvmc sees them (fixes a regression).
  • Handled signature clashes in .NET type methods.
  • Made method parameter name handling robust against invalid or incomplete local variables tables.
  • Fixed interface implementation to recurse all the way up.
  • Fixed bytecode metadata table to mark div/rem bytecodes as possibly throwing an exception (this fixes bug 1676377, thanks to Dennis Ushakov for reporting this)
  • Made WinForms/AWT thread into a Background thread, to prevent it from keeping the process alive.
  • Added -time option to ikvmc.
  • Added x64 detection to jvm.dll build script.
  • Fixed several .NET 2.0 "ReflectionOnly" bugs.
  • Implemented java.awt.Desktop peer.
  • Fixed several issues pointed out by FxCop: FileChannelImpl now calls GetLastWin32Error() immediately after the P/Invoke. Runtime.addShutdownHook() now has a LinkDemand for ControlAppDomain (because it exposes the AppDomain.ProcessExit event, which also has this LinkDemand). Ghost types now have an Equals, GetHashCode, == and != method. Comparable.__Helper now has a private constructor and is sealed. Shadow methods in remapped types (that exist to hide the base class methods from Intellisense) now copy any LinkDemands from the methods they hide.

Binaries available here: ikvmbin-0.33.2641.zip

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# Sunday, March 25, 2007
Running DOS Games

Since I'm running Vista x64, I can't run DOS apps anymore (since the AMD64 arch doesn't support VM86 when running in 64 bit mode). I can, of course, still run DOS inside the VMWare image of my old machine, but now there something much cooler JPC. An x86 PC emulator written in Java. Naturally, I had to try running it on IKVM:

Lemmings for DOS running on IKVM

The image shows Lemming for DOS running on the JPC x86 emulator running on IKVM.NET running on the x64 CLR.

Unfortunately IKVM's AWT support is not good enough for this app to work, so I had to do some pretty gross app specific hacks to make it "work" (that I obviously won't check in). It's also awfully slow (on JDK 1.6 the game is actually playable, but on IKVM definitely not.)

If any of the other GNU Classpath hackers want to try running JPC. Here's the AppletViewer class I used:

import java.awt.*;

class AppletViewer
  public static void main(String[] args)
    Frame f = new Frame();
    f.setSize(640, 480);
    f.setLayout(new GridLayout(1, 1));
    org.jpc.j2se.JPCApplet applet = new org.jpc.j2se.JPCApplet();

The JPC applet jar can be downloaded here.

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# Monday, March 19, 2007
ThinkPad Z61p & Vista x64

About a month ago my new ThinkPad Z61p arrived. It came pre-installed with Windows XP, but I always do a clean install to remove all the junk that comes with a new system (although Lenovo isn't nearly as bad as some OEMs). I decided to be adventurous and install Vista Ultimate x64.

Virtual PC 2007

I copied the harddisk of my old laptop to a VHD file, so that I would be able to use Virtual PC 2007 to run my old configuration. Well that was a big mistake. Virtual PC 2007 is a useless piece of crap. First of all, it had problems with the VHD file because it was bigger than 64GB (which surfaced as "Sector not found" errors in the virtual machine) and after I resolved that by shrinking the disk to 60GB the performance was horrible (it appears they *still* haven't solved the laptop/chipset/keyboard responsiveness issue). After getting fed up with that I switched to VMWare 6.0 beta and I have been very happy with that (I've been a VMWare user since 1.0, but wanted to give Virtual PC 2007 a chance since it's free [as in beer] now.)


The fact that the harddisk was *always* busy drove me crazy (and made things often very slow), so I've disabled the Windows Search indexing service, after doing that and using a 2GB Kingston USB memory key as a ReadyBoost cache performance is acceptable. It's hard to compare with my previous XP system, because I also switched to Office 2007 and Outlook 2007 is a real pig.


The integrated WiFi doesn't work. It looks like the driver works fine (I can see all WiFi networks in the area just fine), but when Vista tries to establish a secure connection, it fails (well, it actually succeeds and then breaks the connection again after a few seconds). All of the built in diagnostics crap is totally useless (as expected). The built-in flash reader also doesn't work (the Lenovo support site doesn't have a driver, but with some Googling I was able to find one, but it was very unstable).


I've switched my main IKVM development environment to Visual Studio 2005 (but will still support .NET 1.1) and when I do my test builds I now build in 64 bit mode. This works surprisingly well and the performance is excellent. I was a bit skeptical about the x64 CLR JIT because of my previous experiences on Windows XP x64 (the performance there basically sucked), but the Vista CLR build (which is a newer build) appears to have fixed that.

As a result of running on .NET 2.0 most of the time now, I've fixed several "ReflectionOny" bugs (when IKVM is built on .NET 2.0 it uses the ReflectionOnly assembly loading context for ikvmc and ikvmstub).

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# Saturday, March 17, 2007
More Magic

Thanks to Stuart's prodding, the next version of ikvmc will automatically add a System.IDisposable or System.Collections.IEnumerable implementation to any Java classes that implement java.io.Closeable or java.lang.Iterable (respectively).

That means that you can now do this in C#:

java.util.ArrayList list = new java.util.ArrayList();
using (java.io.FileWriter fw = new java.io.FileWriter("test.txt"))
  foreach (string s in list)

Note that the interfaces are only added to the classes (i.e. the java.io.Closeable interface doesn't implement System.IDisposable). From Java this change is mostly invisible, e.g. when you use Java reflection you won't see System.IDisposable on java.io.FileWriter. However, when you use the instanceof operator or do a cast to cli.System.IDisposable, it will succeed. It would be possible to remove this inconsistency, but I don't think that's worth it.

Too Much Magic

Too much of anything is never a good thing, but in the case of adding magic to ikvm, it has always been very difficult to draw the line between just enough and too much. There already is a fair bit a magic in ikvm and I tend to be rather conservative in adding more. The main reason is that magic is almost never "perfect", this means that in most cases it will work as expected, but there are always edge cases where people will be surprised by how things work and that's clearly not good.

Stuart also wants Java's foreach construct to work on .NET types that implement IEnumerable, but to make that work would require turning java.lang.Iterable into a ghost interface and I currently feel that would be in the "too much magic" category, especially considering that ghost interfaces are not very good magic.

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# Friday, March 16, 2007
Microsoft dropping J# and JLCA in next version of Visual Studio

Via Lorenzo Barbieri (via Google blog search, I don't read Italian) I learned that Microsoft decided to drop support for J# and the Java Language Conversion Assistant in the next version of Visual Studio (code named Orcas).

I'm glad they finally realised the futility of competing with IKVM.NET ;-)

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# Wednesday, March 14, 2007
DST Update

I made a new binary release of 0.32 that includes the back-ported GNU Classpath TimeZone fixes for the updates to the US DST rules.

Available here: ikvmbin-

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