# Wednesday, January 21, 2009
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New Development Snapshot

Volker Berlin continues working on integrating more OpenJDK awt/image related code. He also started on a fully managed JDBC / ODBC bridge implementation (using System.Data.Odbc). I did some bug fixes and few small improvements here and there.


  • Fixed the stack trace when an unwrapped java.lang.Error (or subclass) escapes from a static initializer.
  • It turns out that we really should create an MBeanServer in sun.management.ManagementFactory.createPlatformMBeanServer(), even if we don't populate it with anything useful, applications might still want to register their own MBeans. This fix allows Derby to work.
  • Various java.awt.image.BufferedImage improvements.
  • Use CallerID instead of stack walking in java.util.ResourceBundle.
  • Moved java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged() implementation to Java and use CallerID to avoid stack walk.
  • JPEG support added to ImageIO.
  • Switched to using OpenJDK ColorModel code.
  • Use CallerID instead of stack walking in java.sql.DriverManager.
  • Added helpful message to ClassCastException generated for ghost array casts.
  • Convert a Java filename to a .NET filename in NetToolkit.createImage(String).
  • Added workarounds to make IKVM.Reflection.Emit work on Mono (2.2 or higher required).
  • Made ISymWrapper.dll dependency conditional in build to make IKVM.Reflection.Emit compile on Mono.

As always with a development snapshot, don't use this in production, but please do try it out and let me know about it. The sources are available in cvs and the binaries here: ikvmbin-0.39.3308.zip

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