# Wednesday, June 19, 2002
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Current Status

What I currently have is:

  • java/lang/Object to System.Object & java/lang/String to System.String mapping
  • On demand class loading infrastructure (but no ClassLoader support)
  • Code to read and parse Java .class files
  • Compiler that parses (small subset) of Java bytecode and converts it into MSIL
  • Small subset of JNI support (calling native methods & calling Java from native code)

What is needed

  • Exception object model mapping needs to be worked out
  • Bytecode parser needs much improvement
  • Classpath native code needs to be written
  • Classpath VM interface needs to be investigated and adapted where necessary
  • ClassLoader support
  • Flesh out JNI support
  • Testing, testing and more testing
  • Documentation
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