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IKVM 0.18 rc1

The previous release candidate 0.16 rc1 never actually made it to release because of a GNU Classpath showstopper bug. Thanks to Mark Wielaard for working hard to quickly do a follow up GNU Classpath release that fixes the problem and includes a number of other improvements. I haven't made many changes to IKVM in the mean time, the only major one being that I focussed some effort on reducing the size of the metadata of IKVM.GNU.Classpath (and as a side effect for most other ikvmc generated assemblies as well). I also switched to the Eclipse Java Compiler  because Jikes generates code that is incompatible with the new -strictfinalfieldsemantics ikvmc option.

Update japi results are available here.


  • Integrated GNU Classpath 0.17.
  • Switched to the Eclipse Java Compiler for compiling GNU Classpath (not just the generics branch).
  • Added optimization to only store source file name is the name differs from the class name + ".java"
  • Simplified and optimized inner class attribute metadata.
  • Added -strictfinalfieldsemantics option to ikvmc to generate more efficient (and 1.5 spec compliant) code. Note that this is not enabled by default for maximum compatibility with the Sun JVM (which isn't compliant with the 1.5 spec).
  • Rely less on HideFromJavaAttribute and more on naming conventions to use less metadata.
  • Changed ikvm.exe to ignore common -X options that java.exe supports.
  • Changed java.version system property to 1.4.1 to support Eclipse 3.1.
  • Added GNU Classpath version to ikvm.exe -version output.

Files are available here: ikvm- (sources + binaries), ikvmbin- (binaries)

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