# Monday, April 9, 2007
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New Snapshot

The GNU Classpath 0.95 release branch has been created (0.94 was skipped), so it shouldn't be long now before I will release IKVM 0.34, but before that here's a final snapshot containing everything that will be in 0.34.


  • Integrated current GNU Classpath cvs version.
  • .NET "generic class loaders" now return something (mildly) sensible when toString() is called on them.
  • ikvmc no longer warns about generic stubs.
  • ikvmstub now has WHIDBEY conditional code to properly determine if a class is a generic type instance (instead of the name based hack).
  • Fixed .NET generic type name mangling bug (nested generic types were double encoded).
  • Added support for loading .NET generic type stubs.
  • Fixed several .NET generic type loading bugs.
  • Fixed ikvm.runtime.Util.getInstanceTypeFromClass() to return null instead of throw an exception when it is called on a "dynamic only" class.
  • Changed ikvmstub to use java.util.zip instead of SharpZipLib.
  • Fixed index/length overflow detection in arraycopy_primitive_n methods.
  • Fixed JNI init args and thread attach string conversions.
  • Added workaround for .NET bug that caused OverflowException when compiling a class with an initialized final instance field of type char with a value > 32K.

Binaries available here: ikvmbin-0.33.2655.zip

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