# Tuesday, September 6, 2011
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New Development Snapshot

Time for a new snapshot.


  • Enabled parallel class loading.
  • Fix ClassLoader.findLoadedClass0() to handle null string.
  • Fixed class loader to always check parent class loader for validity.
  • Implemented platform MBean server support (although with very limited information/exposed operations).
  • Fixed race condition in Thread.initContextClassLoader().
  • Updated StringHelper to OpenJDK 7.
  • Fixed field reflection not use "slow path" to get consistent exception behavior (accessing Throwable fields on non-Java exceptions is not supported).
  • Implemented Unsafe.defineClass().
  • Completed implementation of new Unsafe.copyMemory() overload. This fixes several direct ByteBuffer regressions (introduced when we started using OpenJDK 7).
  • Implemented SocketChannel.sendOutOfBandData().
  • Implemented DatagramChannel multicast methods.
  • Fix for #3404229.
  • Bug fix. Don't create a miranda method if the class already has a static method with the same signature.

Binaries available here: ikvmbin-7.0.4266.zip

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