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IKVM 0.16 rc1

GNU Classpath 0.16 was released yesterday, so I've made a new IKVM release based on it. An interesting new feature in this release is that you can now debug dynamically loaded Java classes in the June CTP of Visual Studio 2005. Note that this only works if you start your application in the Visual Studio debugger (at startup the IKVM runtime checks System.Diagnostics.Debugger.IsAttached to determine if it should emit debugging information or not).

Update japi results are available here.


  • Integrated GNU Classpath 0.16.
  • Fixed GC race condition for remapped exceptions (introduced in previous snapshot).
  • Added support for naming method/constructor parameters in map.xml.
  • Added support for attaching attributes to parameters in map.xml.
  • Named all method/constructor parameters in map.xml.
  • Changed ExceptionHelper.readObject to not convert ClassNotFoundException into IOException.
  • Named parameters for Cast, CastArray, IsInstance and IsInstanceArray methods in ghost structures.
  • Removed support for "deprecated" attribute in map.xml. Marking methods deprecated in map.xml can now be done by applying the System.ObsoleteAttribute attribute.
  • Removed support for "hidefromjava" attribute in map.xml. Marking methods HideFromJava in map.xml can now be done by applying the IKVM.Attributes.HideFromJavaAttribute attribute.
  • Instancehelper methods on java.lang.String are no longer EditorBrowable(Never).
  • Only emit method parameter names for public/protected methods in public types.
  • Interface methods and methods that don't have debug info now get synthesized parameter names.
  • A couple of "random" awt fixes.
  • Added support for P/Invoke (DllImportAttribute).
  • Moved ikvmc specific compiler support to AotTypeWrapper class.
  • Fixed member access checks (for real this time).
  • Moved native methods of FileChannelImpl and MappedByteBufferImpl from IKVM.Runtime to IKVM.GNU.Classpath (using P/Invoke from Java).
  • Added -fileversion option to ikvmc to set the unmanaged file version.
  • Added call to AssemblyBuilder.DefineVersionInfoResource() to ikvmc, so that a version info resource is now automatically created (the contents are based on the various assembly attributes and the -version and -fileversion options).
  • Fixed possible (but unlikely) NullReferenceException in ClassLoaderWrapper.FinishAll() when it encounters a type that cannot be finished for some reason.
  • Made the line number table encoding a little more efficient.
  • Changed build process to support building the GNU Classpath generics branch (in addition to the main branch).
  • Added a hack to ikvmstub to export generic type instantiations. This enables a usable mscorlib.jar to be generated from the 2.0 version of mscorlib.dll.
  • Implement reversible name mangling for .NET type names (to handle generic type instantiations).
  • Fixed name mangling for delegate inner classes.
  • Set DebuggableAttribute to assembly before creating the module, to make sure Visual Studio (Whidbey) picks up the attribute when debugging dynamically generated code.
    Fixed possible System.ArgumentException in Class.forName() (when trying to load a class with a name that is invalid in .NET)
  • Fixed JNI_GetCreatedJavaVMs to accept null pointer for nVMs.
  • Fixed class name in error message for VerifyError that occurs when overriding a final method.
  • Added workaround to make dynamic debugging work in Whidbey June CTP.

Files are available here: ikvm- (sources + binaries), ikvmbin- (binaries)

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