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IKVM 0.36 Update 2 Release Candidate 2

As announced when 0.36 was released, I will periodically release updates to 0.36 as long as there is enough interest in .NET 1.1 support.

This is the second release candidate of the second update.

Changes (all are back ported fixes):

  • Changed version to
  • Fixed ikvmc not to open the key file for write access.
  • Added more efficient float/double to/from int/long bits converters.
  • Fixed libikvm-native.so build to include reference to gmodule-2.0 library.
  • Fixed ikvmc not to open the key file for write access.
  • Fixed Graphics2D.rotate() to convert rotation angle from radians (Java) to degrees (.NET).
  • Applied awt patch #1979656 by Daniel Wilson.
  • Fixed three String bugs found by OpenJDK string tests.
  • Fixed ldc <class> where <class> is a ghost array.
  • Fixed bug in instanceof <class> where <class> is a Serializable[].
  • Removed incorrect DataFormatException thrown in java.util.zip.InflaterHuffmanTree.
  • Fixed #2001802 contributed by Andy Malakov.
  • Fixed #2001799.
  • Fixed #2006953.
  • Made finalize() and clone() methods in cli.System.Object and cli.System.Exception final.

Binaries available here: ikvmbin-
Sources (+ binaries): ikvm-

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